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    error code 0 installing total protection


      I've written here before stating that my Total Protection was not running/responding (2 months now).  I was told to uninstall then reinstall.  This did not work. But my thread was marked "Answered" ...


      I have run MVT, uninstalled thru control panel, ran MCPR tool, called Cox (a joke), ran Virtual Assistant (TS102265), installed and ran preinstall tool...you name it, I have done it.  I was on the phone Saturday (3/4/17) for 8 hours with Cox -- then when they finally gave up on me, they transferred me to McAfee support.  That McAfee tech knew what she was doing!  I was told to download and install ALL windows updates - done.  When that was finished - voila! McAfee Total Protection showed up in my system tray.  I double clicked it - and I was so happy, it came on, it responded, all the links worked.  I should have left it alone, but the McAfee tech told me to contact Cox after my windows updates were done.  BAD idea.  The only problem I could see is that now I had 2 McAfee AV programs on my system -- Total Protection and Security Center.  Cox had me uninstall the Total Protection & Security Center using MCPR tool and reinstall Total Protection.  I received Error Code 0.  oh my goodness...my Total Protection disappeared.  Cox then put me on hold, contacted McAfee and then came back on the line with me and told me that McAfee is aware of this error code and it will take McAfee 2 days to get it fixed. Also told to not turn my computer on for 2 days.  So I called Cox today and they had me reinstall again.  They asked me why I waited 48 hours before calling them, are you kidding me, oh dirty word?  Error code 0 again.  They put me on hold and then told me McAfee needs another 24 hours to fix this problem -- really?


      I kept telling Cox that I have a Case # with McAfee, but they would NOT listen to me.  "We can do this ourselves"  NO, they can not.


      I'm lost.  I'm extremely frustrated with Cox.  And I've been totally unprotected for 2 months now.


      I ran the MVT again today - it can not find any signs of McAfee products on my computer. Problems: clear Temp internet files and temp folders - I do not know how do this, so I'm reluctant to try it.


      Can anyone help me?

      Thank you


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          Since you have already got a Service Request open, I would contact *McAfee Technical support* and escalate your issue. Provide them with your Session ID# and mention to them what you had been told. Kindly post back and apprise us your results please.


          However you may decide to try and follow these Guidelines/Instructions from this FAQ first Unable to continue installation. Error 0 (with Windows Security Suites)

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            I found your Discussion/Thread from Feb 8/2107.  McAfee Total Protection (PC) not working


            You mentioned that your subscription was about to expire? Are you using a subscription provided by Cox? And did you previously subscribe directly from McAfee, or was it that a *Trial* period expired?

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              Thank you catdaddy.

              I did a search for Error Code 0 and was taken to Doc ID: TS102265 - that's where I got the Virtual Assistant. Solution 1 - Virtual Assistant, Msg said: Ready for installation. Restart, ran the MCPR tool, restart, then went to Cox and tried to install.  Same error code 0

              Solution 2 - Pre-Install_Tool.exe - Session ID 77278, Restart, went to Cox & tried to install. Same error code 0

              Solution 3 - DL and Run MVT.  No Product was found. Click to view problems when installing or reinstalling a McAfee product. Choose FIX ALL on the next screen to resolve.

              Fixed: Clear DNS cache

              Problem: clear temp internet files (*more details)

              Problem: clear the temp folders

              Fixed: Necessary Secure Protocals not enabled

              Fixed: Ref #1142849: Update trusted MS certificates

              Restart required after MVT completes

              Problem: Delete Chrome Cache

              -- Where's Quick Clean & Shredder when you need them ;o)

              *It took me to MS to upgrade to IE11 - I was running IE10, Cox told me it was still good to use. After upgrading I restarted computer, made sure TLS 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2 were checked.  Good to go - right? No

              Ran Scan (MVT) again:

              PreInstall check:

              Fixed SSL 2.0 & SSL 3.0 certificates

              Fixed: clear DNS cache

              Problem: Clear temp internet files

              Problem: Clear temp folders

              Fixed: Certificate Revocation List is turned on

              Fixed: Necessary Secure Protocals not enabled

              Fixed: Ref #1142849: Update trusted MS certificates. Restart required after MVT completes

              Problem: Delete Chrome cache

              Restarted and tried to DL from Cox again - error code 0 (this time I used IE11 instead of Chrome)

              I'm going to try again using selvan's notes.  (his are slightly different)


              I have McAfee Total Protection (5 licenses) thru Cox.  It never should have expired.  Something went wrong in January with McAfee. No new software or hardware were installed - so I don't know how I got into this mess. According to the McAfee Tech, I had to go thru Cox and they were supposed to transfer me back to McAfee since I had a case # - but Cox doesn't like that apparently.


              Thank you


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                Just to clarify my thinking. You stated intially that McAfee Technical Support had you up and running, until you contacted Cox. Then afterwards  you are back where you started? It is my understanding that the Software that 3rd Party providers offer, can be a bit different in what (They) elect to provide.


                Their Versions/Builds can even lag behind compared to if you had purchased directly from McAfee. It seems that you are caught between a 'Rock and a Hard place'. I would think that it is Cox responsiblity to get you up and running again, to be quite honest.


                I would also contact McAfee Customer service as well, and explain your predicament. It seems like Cox Customer service would correct your issues? In any case McAfee Has  *Total Satisfaction Promise*

                Antivirus Software and Internet Security For Your PC or Mac | McAfee


                Let us know how it goes please.

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                  Yes - after 3 different tier techs at Cox, they finally transferred me to McAfee.


                  McAfee's tech is Seriaino - pronounced as Sheba?  Not sure, I could hardly understand her, but we got thru it!  She was a sweetheart!  After all the windows updates, my little red icon showed up in my system tray.  Of course it was showing up before, but then it would disappear -- poof, gone.  But this time it stayed on.  I clicked on the red icon, and low and behold, I could navigate around without any problems!  But she said I HAD to contact Cox after the windows updates.  That's where everything went wrong.  They had me uninstall a program that was working... but I did notice that I had 2 McAfee AV programs on my computer - McAfee Total Protection and McAfee Security Center. which is why Cox wanted me to uninstall, I guess.  I never should have done that.


                  I'm going to call Cox AGAIN, see if they will transfer me back to Seriaino.  Her notes are still on my desktop!


                  Thank you catdaddy!  Much appreciate your responses!


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                    You are quite welcome

                    I am glad I/We were Helpful,in some small way.

                    Good luck and please let us know you are still up and running.


                    All the Best


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                      Oh my goodness!  I have never had this much trouble with a software program before!  Or - I should say Cox. McAfee Tech Support knows what they're doing.  Cox - not so much.


                      Cox still swears they are working with McAfee on this problem!  NO, they're not!  I told her that but she was adamant about this being a McAfee problem - huh?  It's really easy to blame another company...instead of helping a customer fix a problem that they offer for free.  It's not really free when I'm paying $65 a month for internet access for 1 computer!


                      I am finally up and running now - well almost.  I ran a Full Virus Scan, ticked the box to turn my computer off if no virus found.  4 hours later, Task Host would not shut down computer - Full Scan stopped/hung at 99%.  I think I saw that error on another discussion, so I will go there and find out what else I have to do to fix this problem.  I'm almost afraid to touch anything!


                      Using selvan's notes, I used IE11 to download McAfee Total Protection (PC). During the Preparing section, I received the following error msg:  "To help protect the security of information you enter into this website, the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame."  So I got out of that and went back to Chrome to download.  It went thru - all the way!  I was shocked to say the least!


                      I know I said that I had not installed any new software or hardware.  Then I remembered that I did download, install and use TaxACT in mid January.  Awfully suspicious considering that that's when problems started with my McAfee AV...I've used TaxACT for 16 years now, so I didn't even consider it conflicting with McAfee.


                      Thank you so much catdaddy - you're a sweetheart!!  You can mark this "Answered" now!


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                        Ahhhhh !  You are too kind !  I,ve been married for over 40 years and I can count the times she has called me that on one hand...Chuckle.


                        All the Best