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    AD sync with Windows 2008

      Have just noticed that ePO 4.0 recognises Windows 2008 as a workstation instead of a server after it's synched with AD. Is there any way to correct this without having to edit each entry of a 2008 server?
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          Just correct your tags from the tag catalog. Add the OS type = windows 2008 to the server tag in the criteria.
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            Have done, but this is problematic on rolling out lots of servers, have already fallen foul to the port 25 rule within virusscan, stopped our mail servers as it thought it was mass mailing worms etc. The client should be able to see if exchange is installed!
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              That is why there are workstation and server policies.

              Also remember to deactivate the IRC rule on server. It introduces random drops when the happens to use that. This is specially true on servers where there are lots of connection. Also beware of share and specially VMware modification rules.

              Also if you don't give servers additional exclusions you will seriously hamper database servers as well as the domain controllers performance.