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    Bare bones client for new installs


      I have had a very frustrating weekend trying to reload my OS on a new SSD that revolved around the McAffee Anti Virus client.  On a fresh install of a retail copy on Win 7 64bit, the client I had previously downloaded from my subscription portal would not install.  In the past when I have formatted my drive the client always worked right away with no issues.  I contacted support and they said I have to complete all the windows updates before the client will install. 


      I have some major issues with this;

      1.  I had get my desktop online, unprotected for over 5 hours to run all the 200+ updates Microsoft wants.  Even after SP1 install the client still wont install.

      2.  This seems to go against all basic concepts of protection.  The fact that your client needs an up to date windows environment means I will have to expose  my computer to the wilds for hours while I prep my machine to your standards.  How many potential threats  may now lay on my new computer over that 5 hours of unprotected network access?


      Please make a client that will offer some basic level of protection on a fresh install of Windows.  You can have a nice warning about windows updates and better protection blah blah blah once its installed.  I had to wipe my machine and start over and start a trial account with a different Anti-Virus company just to get basic coverage after windows installed - unacceptable.


      Also the client fails with not a single reason given.  It just says error code 0.  You could at least give me a reason - like you need to install SP1 or something.  I had to dig around a bunch of forums - unacceptable.


      Lastly the place to log in, for home users and download the client is hard to see and not at all intuitive to find on your website.

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                            Is your OS a *Mac* or Windows OS? Also when upgrading your OS,especially a service pack. One needs to uninstall all Security Applications before doing so.

                             Upgrade from One Windows OS To Another: Procedure for Uninstalling & Reinstalling McAfee


                                You may find this FAQ most informative.

                                 Installation Incomplete

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            As I said above fresh install of Windows 7 64bit.  I ran the McAfee Removal Tool.  I made sure all windows updates were finished (SP1 etc).  I even tried to edit a reg entry for a key that was mentioned in a post.  I made sure IE was updated as I read McAfee uses it. I updated Java.  I "un-hid" the administrator user and tried to run the install from that user.  I removed a bunch of security settings from IE.


            In the end the 3rd tech support guy I talked to finally said " the error you are receiving is because we are currently facing a temporary issue with our server. I would request you to kindly wait for 24 to 48 hours and then try to download McAfee from your account. I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you."  So I guess it was just bad timing.  I will wait and try again - in the mean time I had to get another antivirus which sucks since I am paying 2 licences already from McAfee.

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              I apologize for your inconvenience. The reason I asked what OS it was, is that you posted in the *Mac* area. I will now move it to General Discussion.


              Thank you

              All the best


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                Whilst I can understand your anxiety, Windows Defender is on along with Windows Firewall and if all you are doing is installing updates, then I don't think you should worry too much about WU going online "unprotected".

                The software does require at least SP1 in Windows 7.   I've reinstalled mine many times using my 7 SP1 disc and McAfee installs pretty-well right afterwards if I recall correctly.

                You'd have to escalate the ticket through your support contact(s) to get any answer on procedures as we don't have this sort of information here.

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