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    Agent and Antivirus Installation order


      Good Mornging


      I'm working to build a custom installation of windows. Normally we provide two kind of installation. One for Laptop that for security reason they are not connected to the domain where we install the McAfee 8.8 that receive the updates form internet. The others are workstation in the domain the updated by the EPO server. For these workstation first we install the Agent downloaded by the EPO Server ant then we install the Antivius

      Basically we have two networks isolated one is for Laptop where is able only to go to internet and the other are connected to the Domain Services.


      I would like to create one image for both systems and so i would like to know if there is any problem to install before the Antivirus and later the Agent if the Workstation. So i can create the custom image of windows with the antivirus and then add the agent if it has to be added to the domain.


      In these moment i have an old image with AV and Agent installaed and if the laptop is Standalone(No Domain) i have to remove the agent and sometimes is not so linear.....




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