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    Would like to update my findings on NVIDIA software, and renew my request that someone please look at what they are "collecting."


      Okay, so I ordered an AMD graphics card, in preparation for this card. I went into device manager and not only uninstalled the NVIDIA display adapter but deleted the software.


      After doing so and rebooting I have 2 very noticeable changes to my system. First one svchost.exe is NOT sending any thing at all. There is absolutely NOTHING now showing up under "Network Other."


      The other change is that under resource monitor, disk activity. It no longer shows the path as D2:\windows (etc). For the past year I have seen either D2:, H2: or I2: instead of C: now I always assumed this was supposed to be one of those security features built into Windows 10 and when attempting to search it I always found nothing. Now that I have deleted all traces of Nvidia software from my pc - and seeing how my disk activity now lists my C drive (instead of drives I do not have) I see that this is not a feature of Microsoft's at all. But it obviously has something to do with Nvidia.


      Attached are screenshots of resource monitor with Nvidia software installed and now without.



      and then.pngha.png