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    Can't access settings


      I have McAfee security software running on my ASUS notebook.  I am running Windows Starter.


      I would like to access some of the settings menus.  I have an icon on my desktop labelled McAfee Total Protection.

      Nothing happens when I double click it or Right Click and select Open.


      I also have a McAfee icon in the drawer on the right side of the Taskbar.

      Nothing happens when I left or right click the icon.

      Also I do not get a icon description when I put the cursor on the icon.


      I also have McAfee on my Dell All-in-One desktop computer.

      I can access the settings menus by right clicking on the icon in the task drawer.


      So what do I have to do to be able to access settings on my Notebook.

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                               Windows Starter Edition is basically the least compatible Version of Windows. In order for your McAfee Software to install and function properly. You will need to have the minimum of *Windows Home Premium* installed.


                               Please read; Windows 7 Starter Edition: Explanation


                                If I am not terribly mistaken you will be required to *Upgrade* your notebook to meet McAfee's Software/System requirements. Of course it is best to remove your McAfee Products/Software before you do so. Go to your Control Panel/Programs and Features/Select your McAfee products/Remove/Uninstall/Restart.


                                 Follow up by running the latest  MCPR Tool/Restart. Then upgrade your Notebook OS. Afterwards you can then go to your McAfee Account and download /install.


                                 I hope this helped...

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            Thanks for the information.  For some reason I can now do what I have been trying to do for quite some time.


            I did just upgrade the memory in my computer from 1 to 2 GB.  Maybe that helped.


            I have this old computer that had gotten very slow.  But I don't use it very much, just for travel which I don't do very much either.


            I have done some things to make it faster with the memory upgrade, SSD, and a disc cleanup, but internet is kind of slow.  I wanted to disable the McAfee stuff to see if that was the problem.


            It wasn't.  I will probably not do much more.


            Thanks again.

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              You are quite welcome. Yes indeed increasing your memory will improve your system performance. So you can now access your McAfee settings and features? Are your Virus Scan Engine versions current, and can you perform a Scan? And does your McAfee UI display that *Your Computer is Secure* If that is the case then you should be OK.