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    Rogue Machines using DHCP sensor

      I finally revisited our rogue sensor strategy. When the rogue sensor patch came out which supported dhcp we tried it but with no luck. We thought our issue was a 64 bit dhcp server but actually I found out we never "enabled" that function. Thanks tech support. :/null anyway...

      I have removed all of the rogue sensors from the subnets and the DHCP server "sensor" is now covering all subnets. My question is this...

      How long does it take for a rogue machine to showup? I have manually removed framework, virusscan and the machine id from ePOP. It should now appear as a rogue machine but after a few hours, it hasn't show up as rogue. With the sensors on each subnet, it usually was within 15-30 minutes.

      Any thoughts or settings I can change?




      Figures, right after I post this I check the machine again and it has the client and virusscan.

      It appears to have taken about an hour. My earlier test took a bit longer. Anyway, it appears to be working...

      Sorry, I'd delete this if I could. grin