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    Artemis!9620A344F32D, Artemis!36B8BF903CA3, et al.  - quarantined, but apparently not


      I began to get Potentially Unwanted Program Blocked messages from McAfee two days ago referencing this Artemis. Was told it had been quarantined, and was given the choice (which I accepted) of removing it -


      At the same time i began to have serious problems with Chrome: adware and pop-ups that made it impossible to use.


      I continue to get the same messages from McAfee, each with a slight variation of the Artemis! name - maybe three times a day, and the Chrome problems are unaffected.


      I ran a Malwarebytes scan that picked up about twenty problems, including a couple of trojans. Had these all removed and re-booted at once. That, too, had no effect on the Chrome problems.