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      Hi All,


      Can anyone let me know

      1) what is McAfee Agent and VSE ?

      2) why they install in client system?


      Thanks in Advance.

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          McAfee Agent is the management agent that talks back to ePolicy Orchestrator. It takes care of managing the products on the client system, like installing DAT files and applying configuration policies. VSE is VirusScan Enterprise, which is one of McAfee's antivirus products. It gets installed and is managed by the McAfee Agent. If you're asking how they get installed on the client systems, there are a number of ways to do it, depending on your environment, but if you're just asking about ePO, then the Agent generally gets installed either on discovery of the system or by a server task, and VSE would then get installed either by an assigned client task or a scheduled server task.

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            Thanks for your Response Johnmoe

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