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    Why Safe Family cann't record down web browse history?


      Hi, there


      Safe family is indeed a nice product. I am a teacher in China, planning to suggest a parental monitor / control software to students' family.  Due to network issue, not many parental control app can work well in local. Safe family is the one. I have tried it for one week. It records down app usage well.


      However, the app cann't log down web browse information. My colleagues also help me test it on their own android cellphone or pad, none works. The cellphone includes Huawei, Xiaomi, Telcast etc. The browser I try include UC and the cellphone's pre-install ones. May I know why and how to resolve this problem? Thanks


      I have switched/activated all control requirement by safe family. 


      I also try MMGuardian, Mobicip etc. They can record down web browse information but their requirement is to use their own browser only