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    Install .NET 4.5 with ePO


      Good evening, I'm relatively new in the use of the ePO console (5.3). I was asked to install the .NET 4.5 through the ePO console. I created the package through the ePO Endpoint Deployment Kit (9.6), loaded the zip file and start an installation task.
      In the Endpoint installation is successful, but on the console I always the third red mark.
      Has anyone ever tried to do a similar task?
      I googled, but have not found solutions about ...

      Do you have experience in this issue?

      If the topic has already been treated, you can direct me to the post?


      Thank you all for any help

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          There's a registry key you specify when you build the EEDK package.  After the package has run, the Agent checks that registry key.  If present, it views the installation as successful and reports a success message.  Otherwise, it reports failed. 

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            is an excellent idea! I did not think about it.

            but in addition to the key, in the "product detection value" within the EEDK have a value to be inserted .. is the version of .NET (in my case v4.0.30319)?


            So I do not have to specify it in the field "product detection key" but in the field below?

            2017-02-28 12_49_30-ePO Endpoint Deployment Kit_ 9.6.0 (Enterprise Edition).jpg


            Thank you very much


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              I don't know the specific of the .NET installer, but you have the right idea. 


              If I recall, if you specify a key, but not a value, then the key just has to exist.  if you specify both, then the key must exist and must have the value you defined.  You'd have to test it out to be sure, though.  The EEDK thread might be a better place to ask, but I think you could test it much more quickly than you could get a response over there.