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    phantom mcafee updates prevent running scans


      I am running Windows 7 on an HP4540s laptop, and McAfee Security Center.  I have McAfee updates set to “notify when updates are available”, so that I am aware when updates are downloaded and installing.  I also have a scan scheduled every Monday morning.  The last three weeks, the scan has not run as scheduled. 


      When I right click on the McAfee symbol in the system tray to check if the scan has run, or if not, to see the scheduled start time, there is no response and “Security Center” will not open.


      When I double left click the McAfee symbol a message balloon appears:  “…installing updates…”.   However, I believe this is a phantom process and that updates are NOT being downloaded and installed because (1) the message that “updates are available” did not appear that morning, (2) Task Manager shows no activity, and (3) the “blue updating wheel” is not present on the McAfee symbol. I typically wait 30 minutes to one hour for this phantom process to complete, before I do the restarts and shut downs described below. (Message will stay indefinitely otherwise). 


      To force an end to the “…installing updates…”, I first do a restart, but have found this does not end or remove the message. Then I do two or three shut downs and start-ups and finally the “installing updates” process ends.  Then I can right click on “Security Center” and either manually initiate the scan or let the scan start at the new rescheduled start time.


      Unless I do all of this, I am unable to run a scan on my laptop. 


      I have also noticed this problem on days other than Mondays when I wanted to run an additional scan.

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