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    Excluding only subfolders but not the files from Scanning on Endpoint Security Threat Prevention




      I need to excluded all sub-folders in a directory but not the files.  For example:

      • C:\Dir1\Example.zip  --> Not Excluding any files only in C:\DIr1
      • C:\Dir1\Folder1\Test.txt --> excluded
      • C:\Dir1\Folder2\Test2.txt --> excluded
      • C:\DIr1\Folder1\Folder3\Test3.txt --> Excluded


      Currently I have the exclusion setup in the policy as

      • C:\DIr1\*\ with "Exclude Subefolders" checked


      Is this correct? If not how would I do this?


      I am using Endpoint Security 10.5 and configuring this on EPO 5.3.0