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    DAT do not update

      Hi all,

      We have ePO 3.6.1

      today i notice that the repositorie from 26-12-2008 get the update but do not distribute to the clinet.

      any one have idea about this probelm ??
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          please help

          now I notice all the clinet last day connected to mcAfee anti virus at 26-12-2008. i tryed to ping the machines and i got replay from them !!!!
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            do not distribute to the client ? can you manage the client ?
            If you can't update the EPO ,maybe your repository list is error , or your network is not good. some times i can't download files in mirror task in VSE8.5.

            and if you can't manage your client , or your EPO can't distribute DAT file , I think your EPO is error ...

            you can make a mirror in one client ,and make a FTP server in the client . in that case ,you can manage client by EPO ,and your client can update in EPO and FTP.
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              Thanks for your replay

              my ePO got the update but there is no connections or no reporting betten the server and the machines.