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    Find client tasks by node?

      I was wondering if anyone know if I can run a query from the EPO console to find any client tasks that were created at workstation nodes, not at the orginization level.

      This would be helpful to find any old tasks that were created per-workstation that are no longer needed.

        • 1. Wondering that too (epo 3.6)
          Anyone knows because I am wondering that too. I am about to check into the repository Agent 4 patch 1, and I want to first test the deployment to a subset of my computers. I want to make sure before proceeding that no node has an active deployment task left behind from a previous deployment because I wouldn't want those computers to be part of the test.

          If we could have a global view of the tasks and their inheritance as we have with policies, that would be great. I am using epo 3.6, maybe epo 4 does have this functionality ?

          • 2. RE: Wondering that too (epo 3.6)
            Bumping in the hope that there's an answer to this.

            Running ePo 4 here and it's a pain trying to find odd tasks at the station level. There appears to be no way to simply list all tasks and the node they're attached to.