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    Define TAG Based on Products Deployed


      I have my ePO for VSE and SC for clients. How can I define a tag based on the products (VSE, SC) deployed on the endpoints? My objective is quickly identify systems with VSE and systems with SC.

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          Give this a try - Create a VSE Tag; for testing very generic ... Create a VSE query, chart type "Table", under "Filter" choose the appropriate "Product" and/or "Product Version" for VSE AND DOES NOT have the "Tag" VSE click run to confirm desired results/then click save.


          Create a server task, assign the VSE query w/sub-actions to apply "Tag" VSE, "Resort Systems" and under Schedule - cron syntax: 0 0/015 * * * ?  <>  runs the server task every 15 minutes....

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            One thing to watch for with the above is since you only have an "Apply Tag" task, if VSE gets uninstalled, the tag will not get removed from the system.  You'll either need to insert a first task to search by tag or group and remove the tag from all systems, then reapply the tag to just the systems that still have it, or you'll need to create a second query to search for systems with the tag, but not the product (e.g., VSE Agent Version < 1), and then create a second task to remove the tag from those systems.

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              Richard Carpenter

              Hi avilt


              You can also define a query using the 'Installed Products' property:


              Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 11.54.44.png

              Can I ask what the overall desired output is and we may be able to offer other solutions?




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                When I have a large number of systems first I will deploy ePO agent, now the systems will appear as Managed. I need a quick mechanism, to know the list of systems that are deployed OR not deployed with other products. For example, how to find out whether SC is deployed or not on the managed system? Right now I am selecting each system manually and looking at installed products which is time consuming. Is it possible to add another column in system tree for VSE and another for SC so that I will get to know from the console the list of products deployed on the systems.

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                  When you are in the System Tree, select "Actions" and then "Choose Columns" from the drop-up menu. From the "Available Columns" area, choose the appropriate product and then Product Version.




                  You can also create a Dashboard query with the total system count and what VSE version number is install or whatever product version number...



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