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    True Key app for Windows Edge


      This is my first posting so please put up with my ramblings, be gentle and not to technical.


      I was running Safe Key on I.E. for some years and was happy with its performance then came the change to True Key which was a pain as True key refused to accept my original email address so it had to be changed. With the help of McAfee Tech services I was able to regain my passwords. I then changed to Windows 10, I.E. became slow and I found that Edge worked faster but of course True Key did not work on Edge, I was working from a written file for my login details. Two weeks ago for some unknown reason I used I.E. and found that True Key had stopped working and only showed a blank screen  and refused to let my log in. With the help of Tech Master I had it working along with the App for Edge, I did not know this existed. The app was set for the master password log in to expire after 7 days.  All was fine at the start then the next day I ran into a problem, every time I opened Edge True Key required me to log in, go to me email "confirm access", trust the PC ,this happened on every new tab I opened. Call to Tech master and tier 1 tech tried to solve it after three hours work he concluded that it was beyond his skills so passed it onto a tier 2 tech , 2 days later get a telephone call from tier 2 tech at 7.00pm and after working till 9.00pm he still could not solve the problem, thought that it was a Microsoft problem and would have to get someone to investigate it further, next day another tier 2 tech called at 10.00 am twenty minutes later all was working as it should be and I was happy.  Five days ago my PC started to fail ,the problem being a fault on the motherboard, as it was over ten years old rather then have it repairs I purchased a and new P.C  successfully installed McAfee and True Key and the same problem, open Edge, sign in to True Key, wait for email, confirm access, trust P.C. on every new tab. Close Edge an reopen later and the cycle begins again.



      1. Does anyone else have this problem or has had the problem?

      2 Has the problem ben solved?

      3 If it has how?

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                          There is no need to contact *TechMaster* as it is a 'Paid 'service. I will attempt to contact a Expert from the TrueKey team on your behalf. Hopefully he will be following this thread, as this is the weekend and he is out of the office.


          marcd  Could you kindly assist this User/Customer please?


          Also could you kindly provide the Service Request Numbers pertaining to your sessions with TS?

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            Thank you for your reply catdaddy.

            Service request numbers unfortunately I did not keep them as I did not know I would need them.  I am aware that Tech master is a paid for subscription, I find that they are cheaper than having some come to my home to sort out my problems.


            Just another question. Does this forum generate emails when a reply is posted to my question?

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              You are quite welcome   Yes you simply have to have your settings set to receive them. Also in regards to Tech Master, you can always contact Technical Support 24/7 at no cost to you. If at first your concerns have not been addressed, you have the perogative to escalate to a Higher Tier Tech.




              You also have the *Total Promise* for satisfaction; Antivirus Software and Internet Security For Your PC or Mac | McAfee


              I might add in addition,I am confident that marcd will most definitely have a answer to your concerns,if not will seek such.

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                Good morning jrc99,


                I know I might be late answering this post, but I was sick all weekend, having said that I will certainly help you.


                First of all, I would like to understand your needs, if it is a question of performance, you are right running True Key within a browser would be the best choice and regarding this for your information, True Key launched recently a new feature where you can do this with Chrome (soon will be done with IE and Firefox as well). We call this "extension first", if you would like to try this out, make sure that True Key is not running on your system, then go to our website: www.truekey.com and download from Chrome a new version, this should normally work as you will see from the browser itself, it is like having the standalone application but only opening on your Chrome browser.


                Now regarding the issue you experience with Edge and True Key, let me ask you, what is the version of Windows 10 you running, would you be running the Insider Preview or just the standard Windows 10 Home, Pro or Enterprise version


                I have noticed the same weird behavior where all the data gets cleared out and it keeps asking you for it as it is not trusted anymore, the first thing you can do is to make sure that within the Edge settings, you do not have the option to clear the data upon exiting the browser as this will probably do the trick of deleting all your info every time you leave Edge. But I expect that this option won't be enabled on your machine as this is not a default option, if this is the case it confirms my theory that the issue is with Microsoft, we don't manage the way the Edge browser behaves and clearing all your data will certainly look like an issue on their end that will need to be raised (as it has already been done).


                I am here to help and answer any questions you might have,


                Marc D

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                  Thank you Marc for your informative response. I also was unaware of this   I hope you are feeling much better.

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                    I have uninstalled True key and after a restart downloaded a fresh version from the web site and it is suffering the same problem.


                    I am running the latest version of Window 10 Home with all the current updates.


                    The Edge setting are as below.


                    Edge settings.JPG


                    Thank you taking the time to try and sort this out.

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                      Hi jrc99,


                      According tot he screenshot you added, you are allowing Edge to clear all the settings upon exiting the browser including the trust relationship. Please turn the "always clear this when i close the browser" and try again.


                      Let me know,




                      Marc D

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                        I have had the same issue.

                        I have uninstalled and reinstalled True Key and McAfee Total Protection at least three times in an attempt to resolve the inability to logon to the True Key desktop program that works with Chrome and IE. I used the MCPR tool in at least two of those uninstall instances as well.  (And when I removed the desktop app and Total Protection from my computer, I also uninstalled the Microsoft Edge True Key app).


                        But the problem remains. Every time I reinstall, I get the same response from the desktop True Key application when I try to login: "Something Went Wrong".

                        I use the same password for the Edge version as I do the desktop version.


                        I did contact support the second time this "something went wrong" happened, but I figured they would only do what I already knew to do (uninstall, MCPR, clean install). I just didn't have hours on end to spend trying to fix the problem with a tech person.

                        Despite the desktop application not working, it does still work in Microsoft Edge

                        For now, I have uninstalled both True Key desktop and McAfee Total Protection as they are just not working properly at this time. (TP keeps saying my firewall or real-time protection isn't on whenever it updates, yet it IS on...but that's for another community forum....)


                        I do hope someone is able to get to the bottom of the issue and resolve it soon.

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                                              While MarcD can assist you in regards to your *TrueKey* issues. Please know that there is a *Fix* being tested for the issue you mentioned and others pertaining to McAfee Total Protection due to be throttled out the latter part of March.There is currently one presently being dispersed at the rate of 50k per day for other issues.


                                                The one that will be at he latter part of March, should include an Upgrade of your current Version/Build to 15.0.R0/15.1.156 minimum. This will be the New Next Generation (LAM) Scanning Engine.Which enhances the over-all performance in a positive manner.


                                              We will be discussing this and other topics this afternoon on our Conference Call.


                                             Thank you for your patience and understanding.

                                              Note: I apologize for getting off-Topic.


                          All the Best



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