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      Do I need to purchase additional Web protection with LiveSafePlus? I thought it was included with the package but my McAfee says I need web protection.


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          LiveSafe *Plus*?  Your subscription to McAfee LiveSafe should include Web Advisor.

          Right click on your Red McAfee Icon in the lower Task Tray by the clock. Open your UI/Navigation/Features/Web Protection.


          In any case you can download it from Here;WebAdvisor Download


          Could you possibly show us a screenshot of the Warning/Prompt?

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            20170225_115135.jpgActually I have Security Scan Plus. Downloaded it last week, but computer stopped in the process. Message told me it would fix the problem at a later date. I suspect the internet connection was lost.

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              Just go to Control Panel > Programs and Features and it will be listed there.

              Uninstall it as it is merely an advertising tool that loads as an optional extra with things such as Adobe Reader or Flash etc.

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                Thank you for the Screenshot.   Simply go to your Control Panel and select/Remove. All should be just fine afterwards.