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    Two mfefire.exe tasks and two mfevtps.exe tasks run simultaneously


      Why would there be two McAfee firewall Processes and two McAfee process validation Processes running simultaneously? When I look in my task manager, I almost always see multiple instances of these and sometimes other McAfee processes running at the same time. Of course, I'm wondering if this causes performance issues or slows down my PC. I don't suppose that any malware could disguise itself as a duplicate copy (just paranoia, perhaps). I have always found this odd. Now I do frequently use multiple browsers and even multiple tabs within the browsers simultaneously - say, for example, to do javascript programming in Visual Studio while I sporadically check the news and stream some radio talk show all at the same time; might that contribute to the multiple instances, or is this just the way McAfee LiveSafe handles things?

      . . .

      Just wondering, and thanks for any info that might be forthcoming.