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    Old Client Update and Deployment Tasks Not Sent to VirusScan 8.8 Patch 8 on Win 10 Anniversary (1607)




      I posted a similar question to this in another posting, so some of you may have already seen it.


      Background:  I have a Windows 10 PC (build 1607, Anniversary Update) with McAfee Agent 4.8 patch 3 ( and VirusScan 8.8 patch 8, which according to this KB McAfee Corporate KB - REDIRECTED - McAfee Agent support for Windows 10 KB84916  are all supported on this build of Win 10.


      Issue:  Existing product deployment and product update tasks (such as DAT and engine updates) assigned to my PC aren't being sent to my PC.  I don't see them as managed tasks within the VirusScan console.  However, if I create brand new deployment or brand new update tasks they are seen.  Note, editing an existing task or assignment does not help.    I don't have this issue with Win 7, all new installs get all of the existing deployment and update tasks.


      Note, existing managed on demand scan scan tasks work fine.  Deployment and Update tasks are McAfee Agent, and On Demand Scan tasks are VirusScan.  So maybe this is an issue with tasks created with the old McAfee Agent extension?



      Has anyone noticed this before?  I guess the workaround would be to re-create all deployment and update tasks.