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    MacAfee installed malware on my Mac computer


      I believe MacAfee installed malware with file .com.SurfBuyer.agent.plist. on my Mac computer. MacAfee installed malware on my older MacBook also but in a different file name. I questioned whether I had ever opened MacAfee software on the MacBook because I have had it at least 8 yrs.  However my iMac is brand new and I never open any MacAfee software nor have I ever purchased anything from MacAfee.  So when my Safari browser suddenly has a pop up stating that my MacAfee subscription had expired and it wouldn't allow me around it until I would pay,  I knew that this is corruption of my new computer by MacAfee.  I really can't believe it but I can't think of another explanation.  I ran a trusted anti-malware software provided by Apple and found the SurfBuyer file.  I don't know what to think but I know I had a responsibility to share with this community.  If anyone has another explanation I would like to read it.

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                              Actually I find it most difficult to believe that McAfee or any other major Security vendor would intentionally install malware on someone's system.

            It seems that you at some point inadvertently downloaded and installed a program/application that was bundled with this infection. Please read about this Remove SurfBuyer Ads from Apple Mac OS (Virus Removal Guide)


                                 I suggest to also look for a Marketing program called *McAfee Security Scan Plus* and follow these Guidelines if present;

                                 Remove "McAfee Security Scan Plus" (Uninstall Guide)

                                 I would also make sure that any old expired subscriptions be removed from your system as well.


          Hope this helps..

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            I would also be assured that McAfee is a reputable company and would never download infection with it's software.

            That said, no antivirus is 100% proof against everything as many of the newer malware entities are activated through the actions of the user, i.e you.

            Be extra careful where you obtain downloads and always check them for any optional (i.e. unwanted) extras.

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              perhaps I did not state this clearly.  I have a brand new iMac, which is not connected to my old MacBook in any way.   I have never purchased or opened MacAfee software on this new computer.  This Malware was slipped in with the    .com.SurfBuyer.agent.plist  yesterday after a download that has nothing at least in it's description to do with MacAfee.  So , I strongly suggest that MacAfee proves itself and figures out who is trying to set them up.  I smell a skunk.  I used Malwarebytes as recommended by Apple to find and get rid of the SurfBuyer file.  I certainly had no intention of downloading a MacAfee file after being assaulted by a Malware pop up that blocked my browser.

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                Of course it doesn't. It has everything to do with the particular program you elected to install, which had Adware bundled in it. Do you have McAfee Web Advisor installed? If not I would suggest that you do so, as it scans your downloads (Before) you choose to install.


                It explains it's layered protection/Features Here;WebAdvisor Download You can be self-assured there is or never will be any malware/adware bundled with any McAfee download.


                Also in that removal guide I inserted,Malwarebytes was mentioned also to remove the Adware/Pup you inadvertently installed.

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                  Always check downloads from anywhere for added optional downloads.,  As Catdaddy stated in his post above, look for McAfee Security Scan Plus and uninstall it.  It's offered by Adobe for instance, to help defray the costs of providing free software.  All it is, is a security check and then it tries to persuade you to buy the product.  Easily removed.

                  I wasn't aware that it was Mac compatible anyway but obviously there is something that is.  Have you any proprietary software installed by Apple or the machine seller?

                  That could also be at fault, if applicable.

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                    Actually I know the download it came from, it was a widget that would provide top NYTimes articles of the day on my Dashboard. And I don't doubt that I didn't do preinstall precautions mentioned. I just can't understand the motivation of someone spending the time to create an ad bundle that creates a popup ad on my browser blocking my activity until I renew MacAfee. By the way the renewal ad is completely up to date.  Not to mention I have no MascAfee software on my computer.  Is it simply a despicable under handed act by someone with too much time on their hands?  If I were to have naively followed this renewal's guidance would funds intended for MacAfee renewal gone to a nefarious account? If so why doesn't MacAfee take this to it's natural conclusion so they can figure out who is doing this. Please help me to understand the motivation behind this and MacAfee's lack of motivation.

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                      OK...it is clearly evident that we seem to be going in circles,in regards to us making our points   I will bring this up as a *Topic* of Discussion* on our upcoming Conference Call. I will see what the High Level Engineers/Management  has to say.


                      FYI    I have indeed brought this up;

                      4.MarkR/DougK Could you provide some input please?  CD

                      MacAfee installed malware on my Mac computer
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                        As we have asked numerous of times..Have you checked your Control Panel to see if you have *McAfee Security Scan Plus* installed? Please do so.

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