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    Drive encryption


      hi all ,


      i have  a problem with my  laptop and i need your help please beacause  i have  a  very important data  on it .

      the problem is :

      i have  Mcafee encyption ,

      i can access whith my logon and password  with success on Mcafee window but the laptop restart automaticly when i clic  on  ''start windows normally ''


      please i need to remove the encyption  from drive to get possibility to repair the my hard disk .


      please  i need your support soon as possible  to get back my data .




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          Please contact your IT department for assistance as you will need the DETech tool and a code that is not available publicly.

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            hi jhall2 ,


            thank you  for  your repons  ,

            we tryy  DETech tool and a code but  we dont have  the  file .xml

            we try  a lot of  solution  for  that  but same problem

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              You will not need the XML file as you can authenticate with your username and password. Be sure that the disk you are using is the correct one for the boot type of the system and how the system is encrypted. From ePO, find the system and click on it, click the drive encryption tab and select "More". Look for "Firmware Type" and "Encryption Provider". There are 4 combonations that could be seen:


              PC Software / BIOS - DETech Stand Alone

              PC Software / UEFI - DETech Stand Alone UEFI

              PC Opal / BIOS - DEOpalTech Stand Alone

              PC Opal / UEFI - DEOpalTech WinPE


              You must ensure that you are using the correct disk. All of these disks can be created with the EZPE utility found here: The EZPE Builder for Data Recovery


              Once you have confirmed you have the correct disk, you will need to authorize with the code of the day and authenticate with your username and password then click "Remove DE" to start decrypting the system.

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                we try hard to get the XML file ,  i have  a steps  to get this file  but  i get an  error  message '' no information''