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    My laptop has been locked by Anti-theft Service


      Hello i really need your help.

      I can´t speak english perfectly, but i will make my best.

      My computer fall from my bed and my screen got black, but it worked on my tv screen by hdmi.


      I took my laptop  from a technician and repair my screen perfectly, but it shows me this screen (i put it below the text)

      I have been looking everywhere for answer, i called and nobody answer, the support from the website never answer me back.

      I hope you can help me, i can´t believe that i could loss my laptop for nothing.

      I dont have any account or password with mcafee. I got my paids ticket with me, and it´s been only used by me.


      Thanks for your helpscreen laptop.jpg

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          Hello dicha


          Anti-theft Support ended 2 years back and hence we will not be in a position to assist further. You may contact the System Vendor / OEM to see if they can help.


          Anti-theft End of Support ->  http://service.mcafee.com/faqdocument.aspx?id=TS101986


          Applies to Service Provider ID: 5000, 13100 and 13200

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            It's unacceptable to leave us like this with no answer. It was your product, so your responsibility to clean up the mess that goes with it even after a few years. The least you could do was to provide a procedure or something to get rid of the obsolete product. Contacting the OEM/System vendor is no solution as they will most likely, not to say certainly, redirect us to you.


            What are we supposed to do now? Throw away our devices?


            Bad way to treat customers, really...

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              Hi neis


              Support to Anti-theft Service ended 2 years back and there has been several email notices sent to customers requesting to un-enroll the service prior to EOL.


              If your device is locked you may be able to retrieve your unlock password through the Anti-Theft web portal through the expired subscriptions link on the subscription page of My Account. Support does not have access to your password.The ability to unlock your device remains unchanged; you will need to enter your 8 character unlock password. If you are unable to remember or recover your unlock password, the Anti-Theft service will follow its design and lock the device. At this point, your only option would be to contact your computer’s manufacturer to request service - in most cases this means replacing the motherboard.

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                  Many people are having the same problem with the Anti-Thief. The Anti-Thief it's impossible to remove from the PC and we can't recover this #$@ password. Furthermore, to change the motherboard it is unadimissible reccomendation once we need just a password or a token. Why are you still selling this product ? why the solutions links are broken? It is really terrible customer service problem. Please, just help us with solutions to get the token or  to recover our password. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm realy sad with this problem. I thought McAfee was a safety reference software for PC, but it is not.

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                    Refer to post #1 in this thread.