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    Re-Installation Errors

      Hi guys,

      I had protection pilot with virus scan enterprise installed on one of our servers, however, we lost the password for protection pilot and thought of recovering via an uninstall/install.
      I removed the virus scan enterprise and protection pilot but after that only virus scan installs, and i receive errors with protection pilot installation.
      The error is as follows and comes when trying to start the server during ProtectionPilot installation:

      The McAfee Framework service failed to start. Please fix the problem and run Setup again to continue the installation.
      Windows error code1: Incorrect function
      ErrorAPI: CMAServiceStart
      Troubleshooting Code: 284

      Troubleshooting logs have been saved in the folder "<path location of NAILogs>"

      Also, McAfee Alert manager was installed on the server, which however does not seem to remove. When I try to stop McAfee Mcshield or Framework service, I get "access is denied" error.
      The products are as follows:
      VirusScan enterprise v8.5.0i
      McAfee Protection Pilot 1.5.0
      Windows 2003 SBS SP2
      The versions are the same as they were earlier.

      I need to get the protection pilot working to update the client machines which might still be looking for the same repository(around 15 PCs). Any help is much appreciated.