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    MAC slow down system, powershell, windows update and more


      Hello all,

      we are facing a slow down on the endpoint when using Application Control. At the moment we are testing without any other security software on the endpoint. Just the McAfee Agent and MAC

      This are the problems we are facing at the moment. Maybe someone has more details about this.


      • IF MAC and Windows 10 Credential Guard are active high CPU usage on the endpoint is seen (CASE open and at the moment discovered from Development)
      • Windows Update does much more longer with MAC installed. Without MAC, in our test, it does 5 minutes. With MAC it does up to one our.
      • Upgrading from Windows 10 Build 1511 to Windows 11 Build 1603 does 5 times longer if MAC is installed. Also the whole system must be solidified again after upgrade. This is really hard to handle. Any experience with this?
      • When starting powershell on the endpoint it does more than 3 time longer.

      At any test MAC is running in Update Mode.


      We also tested MAC 8.x. With this version anything slows done more than MAC 7.x.


      Has anyone some input or is facing the same problems??