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    EPO database hanging after ENS 10.5 entensions and packages checked into console


      We installed the ENS 10.5 extensions and checked in the ENS 10.5 packages into our evaluation branch.  After doing this we started having database issues.


      When a certain query that runs it takes over and blocks all of the other queries.  We reboot the EPO server and everything is fine until the query runs again.  The query has something to do with jTDS and NamedNetwork_Hosts.


      Program Name: jTDS


      (@P0 nvarchar(4000),@P1 nvarchar(4000),@P2 nvarchar(4000),@P3 nvarchar(4000))update [FW_NamedNetwork_Hosts] set NamedNetworkId= @P0 , address= @P1 where ([FW_NamedNetwork_Hosts].[NamedNetworkId]= @P2


      We run SQL 2008.  We have several other databases that share the same SQL server and none of the others databases have issues.  The SQL server is running fine.  We did not have this issue prior to the 10.5 install.  We have a ticket open with support for two days and have not found a solution.  They think it is a SQL server issue and also probably not related to ENS 10.5.


      We are looking for any suggestions on how to fix the hanging query.