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    Moving ePO web front-end

      I need to migrate the web front-end from one server to another. Is it literally an install, patch, point at DB and run?
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          It would seem not because a new DB is created by the installer, so I'm guessing that you'd need to backup the DB, uninstall the old ePO and delete the DB, install the new DB and restore the DB from your backup. You'd also need to restore the agent keys.

          In my case the Agent to Server communication port is changing so I'm thinking I'm going to need to redeploy the agents, but how can I ensure that every computer gets a new agent pushed out to it without wiping out the database and starting over?
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            Okay, so here's how I think it would need to be tackled:

            1. Stop current ePO services
            2. Backup ePO database
            3. Install ePO on new server
            4. Patch ePO to level of old server
            5. Stop ePO services
            6. Restore DB backup to new DB name
            7. Start ePO services
            8. Delete all systems managed by ePO
            9. The automated sync process will then redeploy the agent to the machines.
            10. Uninstall ePO from old machine and choose to delete DB

            Does this look like it'll work?
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              Are you actually moving to an entirely differnet server ? - new server name and IP address or are you just relocating onto a differnet physical server ?

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                New name, new IP. I'd like to avoid a complete reconfiguration of client tasks and the like.
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                  I am trying to do the exact same thing. Is there a config file that needs to be exported/imported with all settings and policies?