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    VSE doesn't install on workstations


      I'm new to this and can't find decent doco.
      I've installed EPO and imported/sync'd with AD so I see my workstations under systems. I have deployed the McAfee Agent using EPO. All fine.
      Under Configuration/Extensions I see VirusScan Enterprise 8.5. Version is and Status is installed.
      So I create a new Client Task under systems to deploy VSE. I select "Product Deployment (McAfee Agent)".
      I set the target platform to Windows, select the product "VirusScan Enterprise 8.5.0" and action to install. Also selected "Run at every policy enforcement" just to be sure. I set the time etc and save.
      It doesn't appear to run at the designated time. Well it doesn't run at all.
      I also notice that the workstations that the agent is installed on show in non compliant in the dashboard.

      Any ideas what I may be doing wrong???
      Any help would be great thanks.

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          Did you try the schedule "run immediatly" for your deployement task ?


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            Hi Damien,

            Thanks for the reply. Yes I set it to run immediatly. When reading the VSE log file on the client I noticed that the scan did run after all but it doesn't show it's progress as it's running.
            Is this normal??

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              Try disabling the task first...
              Then, wake up the client at least twice (verify that the task change was recognized)...
              Then, re-enable the task again...
              You may need to wake up the client several times but, monitor the client log via http://<clientcomputer>:8081 (if you have not changed the default port