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    help me ! please !

      sorry ... my english isn't well .

      I build a EPO 4 for Business Partner (maybe this word is not good) ,the engine is 5300. no patch.

      but , some error.... like this picture

      I builded some EPO4.0 , but no one like this . there no error . I don't know this is why ,i can't troubleshooting it .......

      at the beginning , I think the Server2003 did not support Asian word . but , the OS is Chinese Version ! and I changed EPO to English interface , but without effect .

      I can't update the the repositories. please help me .. I have to troubleshootingthis error next week . please ....

      i am sure that this FTP is good becouse many VSE8.5 is updated in this FTP . but , my EPO can't copy files in this FTP .

      and happy weekend ! thanks