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    DLP for Legacy system


      HI McAfee experts,


      I know I sound Outdated for Asking DLP comparability on XP systems. But my environment needs it. Currently We are running with DLP 9.3 patch 3 in WIN 7 systems and very few XP systems. We need to upgrade DLP to 9.4 patch 2 ( ultimate aim is to upgrade ePO to 5.3.2 in which DLP 9.4 patch 2 is only minimum compatible based on KBs). 


      So what is going to be the minimum version of DLP compatible for WIN XP systems. ?

      What is the minimum Compatible version of DLP for ePO 5.3.2 ?

      What is going to be the upgrade path for DLP clients from 9.3 patch 3 ?

      is two DLP possible in single ePO 5.3.2 ? one for legacy systems and upgraded one for other WIN clients. ?


      I went through many DLP release notes and KBs, but could not get any confirmation. So i believe experts can give me exact solution to my confusion with their experience. Thanks in advance.



      Haran Kumar M

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          DLPE 9.4 is not compatible with Windows XP:


          PD26064 - DLPE 9.4 Release Notes


          You can however run the DLPE 9.3 and DLPE 9.4 / 10 extensions side by side. The policies and incidents will not be unified but it will give you the ability to protect the XP systems until a time they can be decommissioned.


          The DLPE 9.3 Patch 6 release notes (PD26323) do mention Windows XP as compatible with that version so I assume it should function. I stopped testing with WinXP in 2014 so I cannot confirm myself. (Note: McAfee Technical Support no longer provides support for Windows XP)