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    VirusScan Problems

      Hi everyone , I migrate to ePO 4.0 one month ago, i don´t has problems in the migration, but when i migrate from VirusScan 8.5 to VirusScan 8.7 , that is when my problems began , :eek: , we dont have Active Directory.

      But the problem is when i try to install VirusScan from a Task of deployment, doesn´t install, only the agent is running and applying his policies. But the task never began.

      Or when i uninstall that instances of ePO Agent and run it again , the virusscan console install but the windows make it unsafe. My IE doesn´t run javascripts. And i have to reinstall the full Windows for make it work properly.

      I have WSUS 3.0 too, i don´t know if there is an update that is make all this things or simply i am doing a bad deployment of the product.

      I really appreciate your help.


      Juan Sanchez