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    EPO installs on Vista using SCCM, not using SCCM OS Deployment task sequence

      Hi to all

      I'm installing EPO package version on my Vista SP1 client.
      Command line:
      framepkg.exe /install = agent /silent

      I created a MS Sistem Center Configuration Manager package and distributed it, it works fine.

      Since I'm deploying Vista SP1 using SCCM OSDeployment, I'd like to include an additional custom action of installation into SCCM.
      In order to do this I simply link the same SCCM Package I tested before into my SCCM Task Seqauence but the installation fails.

      The strange is that the paclage is the same that works when advertised on SCCM.

      Anyone tried to include EPO installation on a SCCM OSD Deploy of Vista?

      thanks in advance.