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    Unresponsive web browsers




      I having a major problem with all my internet browsers(chrome/Edge/ IE). This is a problem with all the computers that the family uses. After the recent Windows 10 upgrade the web browsers becomes unresponsive and after a while says that the page cannot be reached. I have eliminated all other possibilities and I have reason now to believe that Mc Afee Total protection installed on my PC and on the other family members PC may be causing this issue. I have tested this by uninstalling Mc Afee from one PC and this PC is able browse web pages without any issues. Does any others also have similar issues. Also Mc Afee is also causing intermittent internet disconnections in Windows 10. Is Mc Afee looking into this issues and is there a solution for same?. I have my subscription running up until Feb 18 and no option but to stick with Mc Afee for another year. Further it was not easy to uninstall Mc Afee from the PC. I had to reset the PC and install a clean version of Windows 10 to remove Mc Afee installed in my PC. (Probably I must be not knowing how to uninstall McAfee, I couldn't install any uninstaller programs as my pc is not connecting to any web sites)  Please can someone help with these issues.