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    No browsing at all and High CPU usage of Analytics SDK


      Since few days ago I noted the laptop was too slow, after checking processes Analytics SDK is using more than 90% of the CPU. On the other hand I have no navigation at all, but the computer looks connected to Internet and to the network because I have SKYPE, but nothing else, no browsing at all. After I uninstalled all Mcafee products everything is normal, so Total Protection is responsible.


      I have Mcafee Total Protection last version.


      Any ideas/suggestions?



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          Check out this thread, and the temporary workaround that is updated on the first post. There is a fix coming from McAfee soon, though.


          The workaround:

          1) Open the Windows Start Screen or Start Menu, type "services.msc" and hit Enter to bring up the Services screen.

          2) Double-click on ClientAnalytics, and change the drop-down to "Disabled."

          3) Reboot your computer.


          That will disable the service that is causing the issue until McAfee releases the proper fix for it.

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