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    Artemis!C82A0AF32BF7  ???


      Hi everyone,


      Every couple of months - just about the time when the subscription renewal date is about to be due - my software tells me how valuable its contribution is. I will be informed that a virus/trojan has been found. This year's favorite is Artemis!C82A0AF32BF7 ... The software offers to remove the virus and off it goes ...  So far, so good. But obviously no one, not even Intel/MacAfee seems to be able to provide information to this virus. All search requests end with the same annoying: "Virus not found" ...


      I am a bit irritated that even MacAfee itself "cannot find the virus" in their database. As a user I would assume that a virus can only be detected if it would be known/entered in the database. Or can please anyone enlight me?


      Thank you