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    Unashamed price policy for subscription renewals ...


      Hi everyone,


      As a lot of you I do receive every year the new annoying messages that I do need to renew the subscription. I could accept this as an act of kind remembering - but the prices offered as "special prices" to satisfied customers are just ridicilous. This year, I do have a "one time only special price offer" with a price like $44.99 for one year. If I go and visit any (online-)retail shop, I would be able to buy the exactly same product for less than $20.00 ...


      Last year the numbers were slightly different - and it took a couple of mails and phone calls to the service center to get the cheaper price.


      Please, can anyone explain to me, why the price for existing users is that much higher than for the new software package?? Is Intel counting on uninformed customers who would not check the prices and there pay much more than necessary? Is it fair to promise customers "we will take care of your subscription" - and then charge about 250% of the retail price to their credit cards?


      Kind regards