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    Artemis!F4C8AA82CE10  &  Artemis!1200324F56E0


      I am asked to give an explanation when posting this but I'm not sure what "explanation" you guys need.

      So I'm just writing about this file.


      I downloaded this file from a trusted website (I do not wish to disclose the URL) and many other people also have used this application completely fine and 'their' antiviruses did not show any kind of action towards the app. It runs perfectly well. But for some reason, McAfee Internet Security does not allow me to use the app and keeps quarantining it. Restoring does not help, the app continues to be quarantined over and over again whenever I run the app. There is also no option for me to make it a trusted file because it is not a "Quarantined Potentially Unwanted Program" but a direct "Quarantined Item".


      All I request is for me to be able to run these applications without fail, and that you guys figure out a way for me to do that.


      P.S. I already sent two separate emails for each "Artemis!************" to virus_research@mcafee.com.


      Waiting for your response! Pls asap..