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    Using ePO for a month now and...

      Have been using ePO for a month now and overall am fairly impressed although I'm still having a few problems.

      I'm wondering if it's possible to install the ePO agent automatically to a new PC which has VirusScan 8.5.0i preinstalled. I have a deployment task set for a group which the new PC resides in and set to run daily at 9:00am. Does this task probe every other pc in the group and if the agent already exists does it leave it alone or overwrite anyway?

      I have also ticked an automatically deply agent on discovery with the Active Directory Sync, but yet to test. Problem is the agent deployment task which I'm trying to get to work is set to run at 9am, so the AD discovery get the PC at say 11am one day and the agent isn't rolled out till the next day at 9am, assuming the PC is to be turned on the day after. Unfortunatley we have a policy of turning PCs and monitors off every night...

      Another problem I'm having is that I've rolled out the agent manually to a couple of sites, but unable to install to those where the PC is turned off. Ideally I would like the deploy agent task to pick these up at 9:00am when scheduled, but because I'm have problems making that happen is there another way to get the client to automatically run on a remote client startup?

      Does anyone have any ideas?

      Thanks muchly in advance.