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    Multi Domain Client Management ?


      Running ePO 3.5.1 (upgrading shortly to ePO 3.6.1 or 4.0) and AV 8.0i (shortly to 8.5I/8.7i) and CMA (shortly MA4.0) - 8000+ Clients 7000+ XP PC's and 300+ Servers (mostly W2003/2003 but a few NT4 still).

      Most of the above ssyetms are in the same Active Directory Domain - however I'm currently looking at how to incorporate cand manage clients from "other domains and worklgroups.

      I addition some of these other clients/domains/workgroups may be behind firewalls.

      So the question is - What is the best way to incorporate/manage these "other" clients/domains/workgroups into the existing ePO Installation and what is the minimum that needs to be set up to allow the AV management of the systems ? - Thinking about DNS/WINS/Authentication etc. so all suggestions welcome.