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    how can i find out the different in PkgCatalog.z ?

      I have 2 PkgCatalog.z files. one is created in 2006 , and another is in VSE8.7.

      I decompression the VSE8.7 ,copy PkgCatalog.z file , and ..... my EPO is 3.6 . I checked in package ... but it seems as if ... error . another(old) is OK .

      i think ... maybe EPO3.6 is an old edition ,it can't check the latest one . am i right ?

      i think ... the PkgCatalog.z in VSE8.7 is the latest edition. but i can't find the tab , all the PkgCatalog.z is same , only vary in size. how can i distinguish it ?

      and ... who can tell me what is the PkgCatalog.z ? check the file right or not ? i don't know ....

      thank you.