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    ePO client task info




      How we can the check the status of client task/schedule client task like it is running status,final status(failed,success).Is there is anything we can see and confirm that the client task is running or completed successfully.

      From Queries and Report,we can only found limited task details.

      Sample is given below: Client task=VSE deployment for linux.


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          Moe Hassan

          luckm, please look at "Server Task Log" . It is located under ePO menu "Automation". There you can simply drill down and find more details about your tasks and their results.


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            Hello Hassan,

            Appreciate your update,but as per my knowledge schulde task/client task log are not availabe on server task log.You can test,beacause i have done testing on it.

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              I use the System Tree and custom sorting as well as modified columns in the table to display the product versions so I can see what is updated and what is not. You can also accomplish this with a custom query/report in the same manner. Might be some preset ones for you in the McAfee Groups/Deployment section of Queries & Reports.

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                Through columns we can see only final result i.e. success or failed.But suppose if any scheduled task or client task runs than we need to wait up to its completion.


                But if i want to see or give proof to customer about the status of task like start/cancel/finished,in this case we are not available to find anything.Hope you understand my concern.

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                  If you go into the Server Task Logs, and click on the task you're interested in, it should bring you to a page that has two tabs; Log Messages, and Subtasks.  If you choose "Subtasks", you should see each system, and the current status of the task for that system (In Progress, Completed, Stopped, Failed, etc).  If you then click on each system, you can see the details for the task.

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                    Scheduled task logs are not shows on Server task logs..That what my question which that logs are not present on server task logs than how we check the outcome of that scheduled task..

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                      Oh, I think I understand now!  You're talking about Client Tasks that are assigned via the system tree, and then given a schedule?  Not a Client Task that is being run from a scheduled Server Task?  If so, then as far as I know, there's no logging for client tasks in ePO.  I imagine that's by design; they're client tasks, not server tasks, you'd have to look on the client to see the logs. As others have said, if you want to confirm that systems have specific software and/or versions, you'd have to do it with queries, tags, or both.  But you can't see if a specific task is running right now on any systems from within ePO.

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                        The Client Events in ePO will show this for an endpoint.


                        • drill down to endpoint
                        • Actions Button
                        • Agent menu
                        • Show Client events option


                        The error code will show the status for the event type. e.g Deployment/Update Successful or Deployment Update Encountered a Problem among others.


                        You can of course stick this in a report or shove it into some charts and put therm on a dashboard. Or apply thresholds and set some alerts

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                          Actually, in ePO 5.3.2, the Server Task Log does show you client tasks that you have initiated manually. So if you run the tasks yourself, they show up there.