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    Agent installs but deployment tasks never run?

      Hi folks,

      I'm having considerable trouble with an ePO 4 config. I have ePO installed and patched, and I've added all the packages, got the repos updating and all the important things.

      Where the system is falling down is actually rolling out the agent (4.0) and the packages like AV.

      I have a two-fold problem. Most of the time the agent fails to install on the systems, then succeeds later, for no apparent reason. The bigger problem is that on systems where the agent has installed, most do not update ePO with their IP address/username/last update etc, even though I can view the agent logs from the server.

      The PCs are a mixed bag, a few have no AV, most have either 8.0 or 8.5, some on an old, dead ePO server, most using HTTP only for repos. The PCs so far have all been new, clean PCs with no AV, firewalls off etc.

      Obvious questions are:

      - WTH is ePO or the agent doing on PCs the agent gets onto but won't update or roll out packages via client tasks?
      - How do I go about installing Agent 4.0 and AV 8.7 on PCs that already have older Agents and AV installed? Do I have to remove these first (200 PCs in this building alone, plus hundreds country/worldwide).