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    Automate Enpoint Protection Deployment using EPO


      I would like to set up automated tasks to deploy Endpoint Protection to new servers being added to AD. 


      So basically the following steps:

      1. When the Servers being added to AD, the AD Sync will add the new server to the System Tree in EPO
      2. EPO Agent will be deployed automatically when the new server is added to the System Tree
      3. After the EPO Agent is deployed, Endpoint Protection will be deployed
      4. DAT automatically updated daily.


      I am able to do steps 1 and 2 but I am not sure how to do steps 3 and 4.


      Can someone please help?



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          You should go to Menu, task catalog, and then from the McAfee agent section you need to select product deployment, and then you should select create a new task by selecting ENS platform, threat prevention, firewall and web control (or the modules you wish to install), save the task.


          Now, you need to apply this task to the group which automatically is synchronized with your AD, so you need to select the group, go to actions, agent, and assign the task created. Remember, when you are scheduling the task you need to enable it, and run immediately, in that way as soon as the MA is installed,  your task also will be sent and it will deploy the endpoint product.


          For the update task is almost the same procedure, but instead selecting product deployment, you need to select product update, and then select just Engine and AMCore, then apply the task.