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    who can tell me how to edit agent script ? thanks

      I want to know ... how to edit the ... agent script

      I searched some scripts on internet ...like this :

      @echo off
      echo -- ePO Agent install --
      net use \\ "user" /user:user
      "\\\MCAinstall\McAfee Software\Virusscan 8.0i\setup.exe"
      copy \\\mcainstall\sitelist.xml c:\ /y
      echo -- ePO sitelist.xml --
      set sys1=%ProgramFiles%\Network Associates\Common Framework\
      "%sys1%\frminst.exe" /install=agent /siteinfo=c:\sitelist.xml
      set sys1=
      @echo off
      echo -- ePO Agent active --
      set sys1=%ProgramFiles%\Network Associates\Common Framework\
      "%sys1%\cmdagent.exe" /p
      set sys1=

      but how to edit it ? i don't know that what "%sys1%" is ...

      and "set sys1=" ... i don't know effect

      in other EPO agent , some script like this :

      @"C:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework\cmdagent" /c /e

      I use the command .... cmdagent /? many parameters ,and the frminst.exe has many parameters ....

      the sitelist.xml is like this :

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <ns:SiteLists xmlns:ns="naSiteList" LocalVersion="20030131002737" Type="Client" GlobalVersion="20050118205405">
      <SiteList Default="1" Name="Default">
      <FTPSite Name="NAIFtp" ID="NAIFtp" Server="ftp.nai.com:21" Enabled="1" Type="fallback">
      <Password Encrypted="1">MQCBNesmh4xsoov84KA/i9ukpwRoD3RDId9bU+InCJ/abAFPM9B3Q==</Password >
      <SpipeSite ID="{886727BD-8217-4B6D-BAE2-402F07EAB583}" Enabled="1" Type="master" Name="ePO_TESTING" Server="virus.sf-express.com:82" ServerName="virus.sf-express.com:82" ServerIP="XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:82"><RelativePath>Software</RelativePath></SpipeSite> </SiteList>

      please tell me how to edit the script ... I really don't know. thank you very much ....