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    RSS Will Not Deploy

      I'm running ePO 4.0 Patch 3 with VirusScan 8.0
      Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2

      I have installed RSD on the ePO server and along with Patch 1 and now I want to deploy Rogue System Sensors on servers in my remote offices. Each of those server are DHCP server and Domain Controllers. When I run through the task for installing RSS on page 207 & 208 of the Product Guide it says that it will deploy it using the "deployment task", except that it never deploys the software on the servers specified. When I attempt to Install Rogue Sensor again it gives me the following error message.

      "Rogue Sensor Install deployment task create failed (Unable to add Rogue Sensor install deployment task to node "My Organization\RSS\SERVER12" because "My Organization\RSS\SERVER12" already contains an Rogue Sensor install deployment task)":mad:

      1. Where can I find the list of "deployment task" that is scheduled to be deployed?:confused:
      2. Why won't it deploy it to the servers specified?:confused: