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    HP Elitebook 820 G1 with enabled 32GB M.2 SSD Cache and Drive Encryption 7.1.3


      Hi guys,


      i just saw one discussion which has this topic.

      But this one is a bit older and is about DE 7.0


      My customer has some of these Elitebooks with an activated SSD Cache.

      What happens is, that the system gets a black screen or is rebooting after login in at the PBA.


      We checked, that the RAID Mode is activated in the BIOS.

      Well, the System uses the Intel Smart Response Technology.

      But... i do know, that AHCI Mode has to be activated, to run Drive Encryption properly.


      I couldn't find any new information about this topic.

      Neither in the Release Notes or Product Guide, nor in the Community.

      So... maybe you can help me out.


      Is there any chance, to decrypt an already encrypted HD which used the Flash Cache already?


      Thanks for your support!





      Christian Schuster