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    "issues found" but nothing is there - what to do?




      I just published this maybe in the wrong forum... I hope this is the right one.


      About a month ago McAfee LiveSafe found the browsefox adware extension. It quarantineed it but couldn't get rid of if, so I used malwarebytes and I was able to remove it. But since about 2 weeks, every time the automatic scan runs I get a notice saying "Issues found", but no issues are to be seen (or at least nothing that I can see). I click on the "<<" arrows, and I only see a similar note ("your computer is at risk"). But nothing else.


      So... I'm lost. I don't know what to do, what to click or how to really understand what the issue is. And I cannot simply go ignoring this because if there's a real problem in the future I will not see it.


      This is very frustrating... please help!



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          bumping.... anybody? McAffee is constantly letting me know there's "an issue" but doesn't tell me what it is!!!!

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            Have you attempted to open your McAfee UI/Navigation/Quarantined Items/Remove/Delete?

            Also you can alternatively Contact Technical Support, as they offer a (Pledge) to remove any Virus/Infection or refund your money.


            Please read: Re: Getting Virus Removal on my PC

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              Also you could go to Navigation/Security History/and see the actions taken on your behalf/Notably Virus or Threats detected. Simply click on the (DropDown) arrow and select mentioned.

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                I have been as expedient as possible, in a attempt to assist you...

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                  Hi catdaddy,


                  thanks, you have been expedient and I appreciate your reply.


                  I went to Quarantined items, and the three sections (quarantined items, potentially unwanted and trusted items) are all empty. I also went to the history of what McAfee has done and it's also empty. This should be correct since the only issue it found some weeks ago was the browsefox issue, which it couldn't eliminate itself so I had to use malwarebytes.


                  I'm attaching screenshots of the things I see in the LiveSafe UI, and to show the "loop" I am getting.


                  It all starts with a warning (image 1). I click on "More"....



                  ... and it takes me to the same screen, but with what looks like a sales pitch, which doesn't make any sense because I already have and paid for the subscription. Since there's nothing else to do but click on "Check Software" I do that...



                  ...and it takes me to the sceen below, with an alarming "YOU'RE AT RISK!" notice shouting at me, so I think, "OK, let's deal with this" and I click on the "<<" arrow to see more...



                  But then I get to what you see below, which is a summary of my computer and the others I've protected (I've blackened the names). OK... nothing there to see or do, so I click on the "Issues found" notice... maybe that would  help.




                  But it doesn't, it takes me to what you see here, which is a similar notice saying "Issues found". I again click there, on the "<<" arrow to find out how to solve this....




                  ... but all it does is taking me to the same image as image 3.



                  This is what I meant with McAfee alerting me there's a problem, but there's nothing to be found. As you suggested I've also been in the "Navigation" area but that seems to be just for configuration and history, not for taking actions.


                  Do you have any idea what could be going on here??



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                    Try running the MVT tool and see if it detects anything. I would also go to your Control Panel/Programs and Features/ check for the application (McAfee Security Scan Plus) if it is there, delete it as it is only a marketing tool.


                    Please let us know the outcome...

                    Hope this helps...

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                      Your installation could also become corrupt? It happens, Short of doing a Uninstall/Reinstall..try those suggestions. If that does not resolve your issue. Contact Technical Support  https://service.mcafee.com/webcenter/portal/cp/home/contact     Via Phone/Online Chat by far the quickest.

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                        Sooooo..... 1 hr and 45 min on the phone with McAfee technical support, and the issue was solved (or it seems to be). Here's the rundown, in case anybody else finds themselves in the same situation.


                        1) There was indeed an issue, but I could not find it because I needed to click on the "Scan your PC" link on the screen below. After clicking there, the issue appeared: the annoying BrowseFox-FBB.




                        2) The first technician wasn't able to help me (he basically clicked on the "Quarantine" button which appeared next to the notice saying BrowseFox was detected. After clicking in that button, McAfee said that it was unable to do anything. He then put me through another team, called "Technical Master"-something something.


                        3) The woman I spoke with started explaining how people get those things (not my case), and after 10 min of explanation proceeded to explain that this was not a McAfee problem, so I would need to pay a fee to get them to remove this. I replied it was unacceptable (since I'm already paying for a subscription, and this is indeed an online threat, which is why I am getting McAfee on the first place). She put me on hold, and then transferred me back to another team.


                        4) The lady at this last team did her best to help, and it work. Basically, she downloaded the GMER rootkit detection tool, which found the driver/file infected. She removed it successfully, run another quick scan, and then everything was OK.


                        So that's it. Problem solved.


                        The issue of a bad/complicated user interface remains, but that's just an annoyance related to the software, not the software being able to do its job. The other issue (McAfee not able to eliminate BrowseFox-FBB) is something that, in my opinion, should be addressed. I'm not sure why I am paying for this if I need to download a third party tool (like GMER or Malwarebytes, which is what I've used in the past to solve this).


                        Again, thanks for your help, catdaddy.

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