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    Issues found: but nothing is there?




      About a month ago McAfee found the Browsefox annoying adware. It quarantineed it, but it couldn't remove it, so I used malwarebytes and it worked... removed! However, for the past 2 weeks, when running the scheduled scan, I get a message saying "Issues found". But when I click on the "<<" arrows it goes back to another screen saying the same thing (i.e. "Your computer is at risk"). I bounce back and forth, but nothing is really pointed out as the issue that would need solving.


      I don't really understand why I am getting this annoying (and really, alarming up to a point) notice if nothing seems to be wrong.


      The worst thing is that if I just stop paying attention to this I won't realize when something serious may need my attention... sort of like the boy crying wolf.


      What could I do?!