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    Lifesafe/firewall blocking internet access


      On the wireless laptop that's running Livesafe when hitting the Firefox button, we get a message that the server can't be found.  When running either Windows or HP Network troubleshooters, they point to the firewall.  I had just completed a full uninstall and reinstall with a McAfee tech and didn't make any changes.  Hit the restore defaults button, but the same issue keeps happening.  Sometimes it requires a reboot, which is a little more than annoying spending so much time just to get on the internet. All other items on wireless work without issue...tablet and phones.  I tried a chat earlier, but he just keep asking the same question over and over and then after 10 minutes of questions he asked if my computer had an issue...I was done at that point.  In trying to search out answers, I found it seems to be a problem that shows up commonly.  In 2015 there was 20 pages devoted to the issue with seemingly no fix.  Unless there's a fix I won't be renewing and out looking for something better.

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          Will ask for help here can you post your service request number that was given to you here please. When the tech reinstalled did he uninstall via windows reboot then run MCPR the removal tool followed by a reboot?

          What version of McAfee are you running 14.0.R12 or 15.1




          Can you assist this user please

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            SNR is 484570-2180398888    The reinstall was a couple of weeks ago as Livesafe wouldn't scan.   I was having internet connection issues then also.  Yes used the removal tool, rebooted and then downloaded the program.

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              Thanks if no response from either tech will stir issue in our call tomorrow

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                Oh does anything show in the processes in task manager using memory or high CPI usage?

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                  No high memory  usage, keep that computer pretty basic. 

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                    Ok will stir the forum tech.

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                      I have same problem on 8 computers as well. Mixed connection (Cable, Wi-Fi) and during browsing internet you lose access to new sites and programs. You can still use what you open before McAfee stop working (for example if open BBC website and run TeamSpeak I can still use them, after all new sites stop loading and even ping to domain or IP is returned as general fault). Whole problem is, that you can't open even McAfee program, it’s just stay in system tray and in running process.


                      Only what help is reboot computer and then you can work (sometimes whole day, sometimes few minutes) even if I try to generate same situation by opening same websites and e-mails and programs after restart its work fine for a while.

                      Yesterday I try to contact technical support and ask them for help. First of them just deleted all my browsers settings (without ask) so I spend over 2 hours to install add-ons, plugins and setup it back via configs. Of course it doesn’t help, because I have each PC with another setup. And as well use the default settings of McAfee firewall and clean temps. This doesn’t help and smart guy disconnect himself when he during cleaning kill remote desktop. After 20 minutes after his action it’s stop working again and second technician tried to help me by same procedure, which didn’t help as I told him. But he just continued with reading some manual and as robot offer me to do same action as I describe him that are already done. So no help at all.


                      This problem is up over week and because each time it have same problem (frozen McAfee LiveSafe program) I am pretty sure, that last update just broke something. The solution offered to me was shut down firewall. But I didn’t buy it as software where I will disable half of function. So if you have any way how to contact developers who can check it, please do so.


                      Thank you in advance


                      Jakub Hnědkovský

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                        I never let "techs"  take control of my computer.  Had a couple of terrible experiences.  I hope this is an easy fix, as I really don't intend to spend much more time.

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                          I've had this issue on a brand new pc, i'm afraid i'll be uninstalling and going back to Avast...

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