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    McAfee Total Protection Corrupts Any Browser?


      I have 3 PC's. All use McAfee Total Protection. All 3 within the last 3 weeks have a problem with any browser working. Each get a 'Not Responding' message on and off. Sometimes it recovers on its own and most times requires a restart. After many days and hours, I narrowed down the common element in each system. Win 10 and McAfee. An uninstall of McAfee solved the problem on all.

      Anyone else run into this McAfee problem? I have not seen it published on the internet yet.


      (Too all new Posters)

      Note:  Follow these instructions explained as a work-around, until the (Fix) has been completed.


      Make sure you are logged in as an Administrator

      Open the McAfee interface by double-clicking the desktop taskbar icon (by the clock), or the desktop shortcut or listing in Programs, and click Navigation (upper right side)

      Click General Settings and Alerts

      Click Access Protection to expand

      Turn Access Protection off and click Apply (keep this UI open and minimized to your taskbar for the time being)

      Press the Windows key + R

      In the Run box type services.msc and hit Enter.

      In the resultant Services table locate ClientAnalyticsService

      Stop this (may take a few moments to stop)

      Double-click the item to open Properties and alter the Startup type to Disabled

      Click Apply and OK

      Bring up the McAfee interface again and change Access Protection to On, click Apply and then close everything.

      Reboot. (i.e  do a complete power down and up).


      The update when it arrives is quite small but will change those settings back again but this time things wont seize up.

      It's a throttled update, meaning it's slowly being released

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